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This section contains information about EatonWeb, the directory and our services.

About EatonWeb

As the oldest blog directory on the web, Eatonweb is the perfect place to establish your blog's online authority. But what really sets EatonWeb apart is the way we measure and display the importance of blogs in our directory.

Each blog receives three rankings: strength, momentum and overall.

The Strength Metric

The strength ranking measures over a dozen individual web metrics collected from a variety of sources. When browsing the directory by the strength metric, you see the strongest blogs at the top.

The Momentum Metric

The momentum ranking is a measurement of any given blog's relative growth over time. By measuring a site's growth, we are able to help you differentiate between healthy blogs and dying blogs. When browsing the directory by the momentum metric, you see the fastest growing blogs at the top.

The Overall Metric

The default organization for our directory is handled by a ranking that measures the conjunction of strength and momentum. We believe that this gives you the best analysis of a blog's overall quality. Blogs that are strong but in fast decline will be penalized. Blogs that are new and relatively weak, but growing at a fast clip, will be rewarded. The overall metric is our way of valuing both age and growth in the same measurement.

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