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Blogs tagged with relationships


Have you ever considered online dating? While some people still have reservations about it, online dating has become widely accepted these days.

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Alternative Albany

Authored by a certain MasterABD, Alternative Albany is a blog about BDSM, mastery and slavery, dominance and submission, sex, and "anything else that may enter the mind of this sadist.

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Considering Divorce

A blog about the life-changing event of divorce. Written by a woman with over 15 years of marriage and two kids, this blog explores the gut wrenching considerations that go into a divorce.

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Red Hot Chillies

Observations on life, jobs and relationships with a touch of humor.

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Newlywed - Discovering YOU After 'I Do'

Every little girl dreams of being swept away by her Prince Charming.

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Free Online Dating Service

Free Online Dating Service is a blog that provides tips and advice to singles looking for a match online.

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Lingo Lounge

You may feel that you are experiencing a social network overdose.

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The Don Diebel

Are you envious of guys who seem to attract women to themselves like flies to a honey pot? Do you want to know how to become like them? I am not quite sure if that can be learned, but if there is a way to learn those "skills", then The Don Diebel blog might be what you need.

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Women Approach You

Not every guy was born with enough charm to handle encounters with women naturally.

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