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Stitch Kingdom

The world of Disney never ceases to enchant people of all ages from all walks of life.

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The Kerala Articles

A multi-author blog that focuses on movie reviews, travel and pets.

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Authored by true film buffs, Filmsy reviews the latest box office and disc releases, with honest to goodness commentary.

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The Sky Kid

Personal blogs that offer information on a wide variety of topics abound online.

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Flicks with Patrick Stoner

Watching movies is perhaps the most popular past time these days, and with the availability of good films, it is not a surprise.

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Swollen Pickles

Swollen Pickles covers an eclectic (that's a self-description!) array of topics, from making money online to movies, from cars to music, from comics to celebrity news, from TV to Xbox.

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Total Awesomeitude

Total Awesometitude's name gives it away a cool blog where you'd find all sorts of wacky opinions, images, and videos.

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Abstract Invention

Abstract Invention is Charlie Accetta's personal journal.

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Behind The Scenes TV

People who love movies, TV, and DVDs (and we're not just talking casual interest here) will enjoy Behind the Scenes TV, which "[unlocks] the art and commerce" behind cinema and television.

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First Showing

Do you scour the Internet on a regular basis for information on the latest flicks? Are you just full of information about movies, actors, and directors? If so, then you ought to take a look at First Showing, a site which gives you full access to the wonderful world of Hollywood movies.

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