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Gillett's Jewellers Blog

People who love jewelry or need info on engagement and wedding rings will enjoy reading Gillett's Jewellers Blog, the online journal of an Australia-based business.

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Wholesale Fashion Jewelry & Accessories Blog

Every fashionista knows that accessories make or break an outfit, no matter how expensive it is.

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John S. Brana - Distinctive Jewelry

John S. Brana is an award-winning designer of handmade, one of a kind fine jewelry.

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Engagement Ring Blog

It's cliche, but they say that diamonds are a girl's best friend and that they last forever.

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Golden Mine

Golden Mine makes it easy for you to shop for elegant jewelry of all types, from chains and charms to diamonds and silver, from the simplest styles to the eyecatching and extraordinary.

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Handmade Jewelry Blog

The Handmade Jewelry Blog is written by Caroline Wyspianski and is all about things that sparkle and amaze – and the blog does that, too! Caroline's passion for jewelry is palpable in the way she writes.

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Fire Island Gems

Jewelry and gems have a timeless attraction for people all around the world.

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Dazzle & Shimmer

Don't you just owning shiny, artful pieces that make your friends and family go, "where did you get that?" Dazzle & Shimmer offers original, handmade, and fashion jewelry that aren't just a joy to look at, but featured in today's hottest magazines.

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ForeverMetals Tungsten Rings

ForeverMetals Tungsten Rings was created to provide information, guides and news about tungsten rings, which are a new trend in wedding bands.

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Gemstone Information

Anything and everything you need to know about gemstones, you can find in Gemstone Information, a blog from AfricanGems.

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