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Angry Toxicologist

The Angry Toxicologist is a full-fledged Ph.D. scientist in the public health sector, according to his or her own self-description. There is no first or last name to reference this claim with, but it's probably fair to presume that if Seed is publishing the blog, this 'scientist' is real enough. The blog itself is a very enlightening read, despite the fact that AT's positions on some subjects have rankled fellow SciBloggers to no end. Of course, it's safe to say that the nay-sayers probably don't have the qualifications in these areas to inflict any serious wounds. Complaining about what they don't know (as if they DID know) is, alas, what many of Seed's SciBloggers do best. AT's knowledgeable coverage of issues that directly concern regular people is refreshing. The topics are important, the writing accessible, and the attitude quite educational. A bookmark-worthy resource.

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Mark's Daily Apple

A heatlh blog that seeks to inject fun in your quest for a healthier body and lifestyle.

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Addiction Inbox

Addiction Inbox talks about all forms of addiction, from alcoholism, to drug abuse, to compulsive gambling, to just about anything that a person can addicted to.

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OrganizedWisdom Health Blog

OrganizedWisdom Health Blog is all about making health and wellness information to the public.

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Fitness4Her is a blog all about women's health. The site offers to help readers lose weight and watch calories while loving food and living life to the fullest.

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But You Don't Look Sick

But You Don't Look Sick is a health blog-magazine that helps its readers live life to the fullest even if they're suffering from any disability, invisible disease, or chronic pain.

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Health and Wellness

Tandurust is a foreign word meaning "healthy", which exactly what this blog is about: keeping both the mind and body healthy.

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Brain Blogger

Brain Blogger covers topics from the various biopsychosocial fields.

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Highlight HEALTH

News, information and commentary on all things health from a PhD Biochemist currently conducting biomedical research at a top pediatric hospital in the Midwest.

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Diet & Weightloss News

Looking for the latest news on all things weight loss? Visit this blog to read all kinds of articles on every known weight loss method out there.

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