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Blogs tagged with gardening

The Garden Rant

The Garden Rant: Uprooting the Gardening World! There is a lot of information here.

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Smarter Home and Garden

Smarter Home and Garden is the right blog for people who love furnishing, decorating, and improving our homes and gardens – two places very close to our heart that bring us some of the simplest pleasures in life.

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Cold Climate Gardening

This journal written by Kathleen Purdy is one of the best blogs out there for gardening in a cold climate.

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India Garden

Welcome to India! This blog is an online diary written by a doctor in India who has a passion for gardening.

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Hydroponics - Soil-less gardening

This blog is all about hydroponics -- the science of gardening without soil, or as the blog says, "More food in less space with less water in less time.

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Garden Harvest Supply

Garden Harvest Supply offers a large assortment of garden plants and supplies for your home.

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Colourful Flowers

This is a blog from a horticulture specialist in the United Kingdom and it's all about flowering plants.

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The Garden Granny

Written by a lifelong gardener (and now a granny) this blog discusses the fun and adventurous aspects of gardening.

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Fluffius Muppetus

Fluffius Muppetus, is the garden diary of Emma Cooper, a writer with a passion for gardening who has two pet chickens: Hen Solo and Princess Layer.

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The Garden Lady

Gardening tips and strategies from a life-long gardener.

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