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Capitalist Banter

Money is serious business. But look at financial news around the world.

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Credit Card Savvy

Billed as a blog for smart credit card users, Credit Card Savvy offers news, tips and advice on credit cards.

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Wealth Alchemist

Wealth Alchemist was formed by several Stanford Management Science graduates who are passionate about helping people, especially in this recession, and leading them into financial freedom.

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It is not uncommon for people to struggle with debt these days, but more and more, people are taking steps to get rid of debt.

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Avila Capital Market's Blog

Who doesn't dream of making passive income? While the word passive is there, it does not mean that you don't have to exert a bit of effort to make your money earn for you.

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My Kind of Bank

The blog is a social experiment in which the author aims to set up a bank from scratch.

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UK Finance Service

Take hold of your financial situation with UK Finance Service.

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Invest Online Trading

Investing is one of the best ways that one can grow his money and hope to retire rather comfortably.

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Auto Insurance EZ

Owning a car is a necessity, and there is no going around that.

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Creditworld Finance Blog

The world of personal finance may be all about your personal issues, but that does not mean it is an easy world to navigate.

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