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Sexualite is the blog of a Greek lady currently residing in Australia.

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The Underhill Journal

Poetry, prose, politics and philosophy from Angela Miller, an aspiring writer and Martial Artist living in the South-West of Scotland.

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The Hole Serial Novel

The Hole blog is an online serial novel "of supernatural apocalypse about a global plague, zombies, and a small group of survivors making their way across a very weird Midwest", written by Aaron Ross Powell.

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The Scribe's Creed

The Scribe's Creed is the blog of author Candida Pugh, whose latest novel has garnered positive reviews.

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Tolstoy is My Cat

Are you an aspiring writer? Maybe you already write for a living.

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The Scribes Creed

Not everyone was born a writer, but anyone can learn how to write, with enough determination and passion.

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Orn Tales

Orn Tales is a blog that offers serial fiction in short story form, authored by Thord Daniel Hedengren.

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The Demented Love Story of Liza and Bruce

A love story never ceases to capture the attention and hearts of many people regardless of the media format used to relay the details.

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