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Ars Technica

Ars Technica considers technology as art and provides a fresh and insightful angle on developments in the technology sphere.

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Art Market Blog

The Art Market Blog is a hub for information and advice on art investment authored by art market analyst, journalist and presenter Nicholas Forrest

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Meet Claudia, the "muse" of Museworthy. She's a professional art model from New York.

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Didn't You Hear...

Didn't you hear…that this blog is a very interesting read and that there shouldn't be even a question as to why you're not reading it yet? Didn't You Hear is a mishmash of LOTS of things and topics – tech, art, photography, cars, books, music, science, shoes, sports, food, wine, toys, whew! (and that's just the icing).

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Hrag Vartanian

The personal blog of Hrag Vartanian featuring commentary on art and pop culture.

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Blankanvas is the personal journal of Pat Law, an artist who also has a knack for words, and a knack for choosing the best photos to go along with them.

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Sketchitos is the blog of Luis Melo, who works as an illustrator and concept artist.

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The Art of Psychological Travel

The Art of Psychological Travel is an online account of the author’s explorations through music, art, fiction, spirituality, and psychology and how they fit into our evolutionary imperative.

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Gato contra a parede

If you can understand Portuguese and you love fine words and fine visuals, this blog will be a good read for you.

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Insomnia Times

Blogs as works of art are rare, but Insomnia Times comes off as something both beautiful and troubling at the same time.

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