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The Religion Category

Sub-categories: Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Spirituality

Courage for Today

Courage for Today is a great site for Christians to turn to for finding hope and courage.

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Dedicated to the rosary, this blog focuses on the importance of the rosary, its benefits to people, the various designs available today from different countries and other interesting facts about the rosary.

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Religion and the Honest Student

Nurturing one's spiritual life is important and if you're one who strongly believes in this, the blog Religion and the Honest Student offers interesting and insightful essays by John Holland, a former Catholic monk.

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United Faith Church

The United Faith Church blog features posts written by church leaders with the aim of teaching United Faith Church members and other web readers.

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Young Fundamentalists

Young Fundamentalists is a Christian blog written by David Scott, who hails from California.

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Ilm Fruits

Ilm Fruits is a blog that educates and makes its readers wiser.

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TBK News

Truth Be Known News is written by Acharya S., and it contains well-written and opinionated articles on religion, Christianity, Islam, philosophy, and current events.

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The Habitation of Justice

The Habitation of Justice is a blog for daily reflections and thoughts on personal experiences, Christianity, spirituality, love, politics, justice and technology.

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Philosophy Blog

The Philosophy Blog explores the inner workings of reason (or lack thereof).

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Iacovibus is written by a Macedonian (as the domain indicates) and written in their native language.

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