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The Nature Category

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For the Brothers Bleiman (Andrew and Benny) Zooillogix blog is a labor of love.

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Highly Allochthonous

Geologist Chris Rowan of the University of Johannesburg offers a nice mix of geological knowledge, "geopuzzles," stratigraphy (understanding the different strata in different geographic areas), geomagnetism and knowledge of various minerals that anyone who likes rocks and landforms will enjoy.

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Written by an anonymous anthropology BA, Afarensis gets its title from an Ethiopian hominid said to be a transitional between apes and humans.

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A Blog Around the Clock

Written by Chapel Hill biologist and Online Community Manager at PLoS-ONE Read more or visit blog

Two-Heel Drive

Two-Heel Drive is a hiking, backpacking, and outdoors blog.

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Verward.Com Photography is a Dutch blogger's online photography journal, wherein you can find excellent images of nature and animals.

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Colorado Captures

Photography has gone up in popularity in the recent years, and when it comes to this activity, nature photography is certainly above the rest.

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Colorado Captures

Photographers seem to be everywhere these days, thanks to the easy access consumers have to cameras and related equipment.

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The Garden Rant

The Garden Rant: Uprooting the Gardening World! There is a lot of information here.

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TreeHugger is the premier sustainability and environmental awareness blog on the net.

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