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The Video Blogs Category

Magic For The Morning After

This blog features some of the most jaw-dropping close-up magic videos we've ever seen.

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Russian Music Video Blog

As the blog title gives away, this blog is exclusively for music videos hailing from the wintry and beautiful country of Russia.

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High Tech Parent

This blog's subtitle reads, "These ain't your Granny's home videos!", and that should be enough to entice you into browsing its well-written entries.

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Ride Jones

A blog about cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles.

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A car photo and video blog featuring a large archive of car pictures and videos.

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T-Cast Network

The T-Cast Network blog is all about Internet television and Internet video syndication, YouTube, Revver, video promotion, Flash video, and so on.

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The Stogie Review

Stogie Review posts great in depth cigar reviews on a regular basis.

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A Frog Jumps

A Frog Jumps is an online repository of choice cinema clips mainly from the classics, though some recent films, especially independent films, appear as well.

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Hchicha Blog

Hchicha Blog is an online publication that discusses the music scene and the current events in Paris, France and Algeria.

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Hot Air

Michelle Malkin's conservative videoblogging broadcoast network that serves to highlight humor, news and all things video from a conservative angle.

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