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The Humor Category

Slightly Mordant

Slightly Mordant is the personal journal of Michael, a man gifted with acerbic wit.

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Motherwise Cracks

Motherwise Cracks is a humor blog that brings out the lighter side of parenting.

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Dark Illusions

Dark Illusions is home to a ton of funny, weird, cool, and just plain interesting photos from all over the world and all over the Internet.

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Screaming Shirts - Funny T-Shirt Blog

Believe it or not one of the most purchased items online are t-shirts.

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Comment Crack Whores Anonymous

Comment Crack Whores Anonymous is a community meant to help members get their "comment" addiction fixes by fostering comment exchange.

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The Nurse Lady

Health tips and stories from a health professional.

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College for Idiots

College for Idiots is an amusing blog about one person's life in college, covering the weird experiences the author has had, the pieces of advice he wishes he had been given, and how to survive school if "you are cheap like me".

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The Frontal Cortex

This science blog from Seed Magazine editor Jonah Lehrer is chock full of delightful posts that aren't too long, aren't too confrontational, and aren't too technical while still managing to be interesting and often humorous.

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ivman's blague

"ivman" is Rob, a Frenchman with a penchant for having fun.

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Misteryosa is a quite popular blogger in the Philippines, and a skim of the blog posts tell us why.

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