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Smoking Liberation News

Smoking Liberation News aims to provide help and information on how to get out of the smoking habit.

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Online Nursing Education Digest

Online Nursing Education Digest provides information on the nursing profession and industry, with the aim of helping address the educational needs of the nursing profession.

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Dispatches from the Culture Wars

Political activist, writer, speaker-for-a-fee and co-founder of The Panda's Thumb evolution vs.

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The Frontal Cortex

This science blog from Seed Magazine editor Jonah Lehrer is chock full of delightful posts that aren't too long, aren't too confrontational, and aren't too technical while still managing to be interesting and often humorous.

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Student Loan Blog

Solve your student loan woes with the help of the Student Loan Blog by NextStudent.

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Manhattan Review In Focus Blog

A management and career training blog that offers concrete and useful tips for every aspect of career development.

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Residual Analysis

Residual Analysis is a blog that aims to plot scientific claims against actual scientific data.

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UK's Worst School & That's Official!

"And is Oliver Cromwell really cowering in the boiler room? And why does God keep striking certain teachers down with bolts of lightning?" That's the type of wit that one will experience in this blog, a satirical and funny site.

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Medical Clinic Blog

The Medical Clinic Blog is a great source of remedies on an array of diseases and conditions, as well the recent developments in the medical world.

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Phonics - The Resource for teaching kids to read

The Phonics Blog seeks to educate blog readers on a method of teaching reading in which "people learn to associate letters with the speech sounds they represent, rather than learning to recognize the whole word as a unit.

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