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Link Building for Businesses: Going Old School with Directory Submissions

The Internet has changed drastically since the days when directories ruled and search engines were just starting to emerge. At that time, Google was still unheard of and websites wanting to be “searchable” by the public had to get listed on major directories so that they will be accessible to the public. Back then, was the directory that rocked.

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Of course, today, no one really uses DMOZ or directories in general, at least as a gateway for search. With the word Google now both a noun and verb, it is obvious that Google IS the place to start on the web if you’re looking for information and don’t really know exactly where to look. But just because no one uses directory submission sites to start their info search does not mean that these sites don’t have their place in your business’ internet marketing strategy. If you want to grow your website’s traffic you need to place well in search engine results, which means implementing sound SEO (search engine optimization) strategies.

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Best Web Hosting: a Necessity in Website Building

Building a website from ground up will require reliable partners to work with. One of the more important ones is the provider of web hosting services. Without a reliable web hosting company as an ally, it will be more challenging and difficult to build a website worthy of notice in the online world.


The Means to Online Visibility

Working with the best web hosting company can make the life of website owners more convenient. It will be the one responsible for a site’s online visibility. This is not merely limited to initiating the site’s appearance in the online environment. The task of maintaining online visibility is continuous and consistent. Anything less will not do.

Building a website will require continued presence and accessibility. This area is largely a concern of web hosting companies and is rarely within the control of website owners. This is the reason why it is important that the best web hosting company is chosen in relation to the actual needs of the site. The choice of the best web hosting would depend on how it is able to address the needs of the site.

The Means to Bringing Quality Content to the Attention of the Public

Quality content is always a critical factor of website building. The responsibility of providing quality content falls on the website holder. However, quality contents that are not seen by online readers will serve no purpose for the site.

The web hosting provider has the responsibility to ensure that the site will be readily accessed when needed. It needs to be up and running once a searcher decides to click on it upon finding it in his search. Getting a message that the site cannot be accessed for some reason is very discouraging to online searchers. Whatever quality content is contained in a site that cannot be accessed will never be known and will not serve any purpose in building a site.

The Means to Establishing Good Online Reputation

Being associated with a web hosting provider of good repute has its advantages. The image of online associates tend to rub on each other. In a way, choosing a web hosting provider that is known for good service and company will be beneficial to websites.

Everything is interconnected. What one associate does will affect sooner or later the online reputation of sites connected to it . There is simply something comforting about knowing that your website is in good company with quality sites and a reliable web hosting provider.


Freelance Writing in Blogs

Freelance writing is a common scenario in publications like magazines. In the online world, freelance writing has been extended to writing for blogs. Freelance writers are also known as contributing writers since they are not regular employees but rather provides articles on a freelance basis.


Quality blogs will always look for quality writers. We all know that a blog is only as good as its contents. This is the reason why not all writers will be accepted. These are some of the preferred qualities of freelance writers:

Excellent Command of the Language

Writing for others is not the same as writing for yourself. There are different standards set when someone else actually pays for your writing. There are expectations and one of the most basic is the excellent command of the language being used. The English language is usually the preferred medium of writing. In cases where other languages are used, the same proficiency in language is expected.

Some may argue that perfect English is not needed to make a blog successful. This view may not be applicable though for blogs that are in the business of providing quality information to the public. Come to think of it, putting content in a personal blog is not an excuse to be contended with sloppy writing.

Impressive Sample Work

In applying for a  writing job say via a freelance writing jobs board, it will not be good enough to say that you know how to write. Proof will be needed and there can be no better proof than previous writings done for other blogs or even with your own blogs. This is the reason why a personal blog is never taken for granted. It represents the writer in more ways than a curriculum vitae can.

You get to produce excellent writing not  by simply studying about writing. You have to write and write until you understand what constitutes good writing and not. Seasoned writers have had their shares of rejections. Perhaps it was meant to be since learning happens when mistakes are done.


The most desirable freelance writers are those who honor the value of time and respect deadlines. They also have to be relied upon that they are only uploading quality content. They know how to keep themselves within standards and even go beyond expectation.

Excellent freelance writers will not compromise a blog with poor content, copied content, and baseless content. They do what they need to do to maintain the standards of the blog. In more ways than one, they are as much a part of the blog they write for as its owners.

Why it is a Good Idea to Have Your Own Domain for Your Blog

This is one topic that has been discussed over and over again online. Many believe in the benefits of using domain provided for free by blogging platforms. Others are more adamant in their preference for their own domain. It is actually a simple decision to make if blog owners know what they hope to achieve in blogging.


Free blogging tools like Blogger and are great as they have allowed people with zero knowledge of computer technology to open and maintain blogs without much fuss. In truth, when there is no other specific goal sought to be achieved except to express one’s self online, they will do just fine for an unlimited period of time. Questions about buying one’s domain for a blog only arises when other goals are considered.

To Monetize the Blog

A blog with its own domain will fare much better with regards to monetizing goals. Businesses that deal with blogs for advertising and other forms of collaboration prefer self hosted blogs because they appear to be more professional and official. Of course, this can be the subject of much discussion since there are blogs that are hosted in free domains that look more professional than some self-hosted blogs. It has to be noted that professionalism extends beyond appearances and standing on one’s own as a self-hosted blog lends an air of credibility. Many companies believe that using blogs under sub-domains diminish their reputation in some way.

To Establish Reputation

A self-hosted blog allows for more opportunities to blog owners to showcase their difference from the rest. By not relying on ready-made templates, blogs can be made to look very unique and the only one in its league. There is more freedom to choose what plugins and features would work best for the blog. Although it would require more knowledge and skills to produce, blog owners can take consolation in the fact that they are learning while improving their blogs. Knowledge and skills obviously form part of any positive reputation of an author or blogger which is sought to be established.

To Establish Branding

Under free hosting, blogs will always have to carry with it the name of the hosting provider. This really makes it more difficult in terms of recognition and recall. In naming  a blog, it is always advantageous to make it catchy and memorable. This can be impossible to do when saddled with an automatic name extension.

About the Author:

Teresa is a researcher-writer who covers a wide range of topics in search of useful information to offer to her readers. She currently maintains four personal blogs.

When is it a Good Idea to Accept Guest Posts for Your Blog?

Blog owners are bound to get offers from other writers for guest posting. While accepting guest posts is not a bad idea, not every guest post will be good for the blog. So when is it a good idea to accept guest posts in your blog?



Why Even Consider a Guest Post

Accepting a guest post can be very risky especially coming from authors who merely want to take advantage of link building opportunities. Although link building is not bad per se, it can be counterproductive to blogs when carried to the extremes. Some blog owners may see it as a chance to take advantage of free content but soon realize they are better off not accepting the “wrong’ guest posts.

Given these risks, why should blog owners even consider accepting guest posts? A quality guest post coming from a reputable author cannot be ignored easily. If the guest post is something that can add to the value of the blog, there is no question that a guest post should not only be considered but accepted or even solicited.

What Makes a Good Guest Post?

A good guest post provides content that is relevant to the blog. It does not contain unnecessary links or links totally unrelated to the topic. Links should be no-follow. It is written with care in relation to correctness in the language used.

It is highly recommended to accept guest posts only from Google-verified authors. The content must be unique and must have never been published in  any other site. For purposes of checking uniqueness, a tool such as CopyScape can be used to detect plagiarism. Plagiarized or copied content should never be considered for publishing.

Reminders in Accepting Guest Posts

A guest post will always look better with a legitimate author bio that can provide readers an idea of the credentials of the writer. Do not allow it to be distorted by stuffing it with keywords. This is not the purpose of the author bio and one relevant link is usually enough.

Try to find ways to publish the guest post in accordance with the usual theme of the blog. Providing images and subheadings where there are none is always recommended. This of course must be done with due respect to the contents provided by the guest author.

Finally, blog owners must resist the idea of too much laxity by allowing the blog to be overridden by guest posts that their own writings can no longer be recognized. The identity of the blog should not be lost. Having different views through guest posts is good sometimes but not all the time.

About the Author:
Teresa is a researcher-writer who covers a wide range of topics in search of useful information to offer to her readers. She currently maintains four personal blogs.

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