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Is Directory Submission Dead?

Absolutely not! The key is to find directories that matter.

So how do you know whether a directory matters or not? Well, it’s pretty easy. The next time you visit a directory, ask yourself whether the directory provides useful information, or whether it exists as just another link farm. SEO is a big business and lots of people have slapped up useless, turn-key run of the mill directories that make no contribution to the web.

From the beginning, EatonWeb set out to become a model for how directories should be done. Our hope is that directories and directory submission see a resurgence in the years to come, offering both users and search engines useful information for choosing good web sites to visit.

For a list of our favorite blog directories, please see the sidebar to the left. Below, we’ve included our three favorite general directories:

1. Yahoo Directory

2. Best Of The Web

3. Open Directory

One lonesome reply...

  1. Best of the Web will remove the link if you dont pay them anymore after expiration, so i think only open directory is the greatest directory in the internet. however, some open directory editors tell all people that that are the OD editors in some forums like Digital Point,to help someont who would pay to these ‘editors’ for sites inclusion in OD.

    By Wallace on June 10, 2007 3:22 pm

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