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How Many Links is Ideal in a Blog Post?

Links play a vital role in a blog. Their presence, particularly in a blog post, means the publisher or writer acknowledges their source and showing to readers that they are using authority sites as references.


Another purpose of these links is to direct readers to sites where they can get more information about the topic they are reading. Keep in mind that blog posts should not be too long to keep your visitors glued to your write-up and as such, these links are a great help. More →

Parallels Between Link Building and Getting Financing

money question mark coinsLink building for SEO purposes and finding financing to back your business might not seem similar at all. However, if you have engaged in both, you would easily see the similarities between the two as they both aim to find ways to get more of something for the website or the business in order to get something even more important done. If that’s a bit confusing, then let’s just state in in a simpler manner, link building collects inbound links to get higher search rankings and ultimately get more traffic to a site while finding financing collects backers to get more money for capital for the business. More important though is that the traffic and capital are also just means to an end. With traffic, the end goal is to get visitors to take whatever action the website needs (e.g. subscribe, buy something, share content, etc.), and with capital, the end goal is to make the business grow.

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Link Building for Businesses: Going Old School with Directory Submissions

The Internet has changed drastically since the days when directories ruled and search engines were just starting to emerge. At that time, Google was still unheard of and websites wanting to be “searchable” by the public had to get listed on major directories so that they will be accessible to the public. Back then, was the directory that rocked.

submit link too many

Of course, today, no one really uses DMOZ or directories in general, at least as a gateway for search. With the word Google now both a noun and verb, it is obvious that Google IS the place to start on the web if you’re looking for information and don’t really know exactly where to look. But just because no one uses directory submission sites to start their info search does not mean that these sites don’t have their place in your business’ internet marketing strategy. If you want to grow your website’s traffic you need to place well in search engine results, which means implementing sound SEO (search engine optimization) strategies.

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Interacting with People Online

Online interaction between users is guided by a set of rules that is expected to be followed and observed by all participants.  These rules are put in place to ensure that order will prevail.  The interaction that happens in the online environment is not much different from face-to-face encounters.

The aspect of anonymity however has emboldened many to do what they won’t normally do in person.  Some lie about their names and their personal circumstances.  It wouldn’t matter that much if such “lies” are merely meant to maintain anonymity and not to abuse people they will meet online.  Existing guidelines for online activity always emphasizes the need to respect others.

Respect is essentially about not intruding into another person’s privacy unless invited and behaving in such a manner that will not result to hurting others.  Spamming is a classic example of a violation that intrudes and disturbs online users.  Threatening, use of obscenities and sexual harassment has no place in an online community.

Online users are bound to encounter communities they would probably think of joining and being an active part of.  In such communities, there will be experienced users and newcomers.  The former is expected to introduce the latter to the use of the platform.  People tend to form sub-groupings inside communities as they discover other common interests that may set them apart from the others.

Familiarity with other community members can result to the formation of a common “language” which they will use when interacting with each other.  These can consist of words and symbols that can be learned by newcomers in time.  The online community has become a gold mine for new friends and associates.  One just need to exercise caution in dealing with the undesirables.

Interacting with Other Blogs to Market Your Blog

There are ways of making your blog work for you more.  Successful blogging is not only about managing your own turf but also in dealing with surrounding turfs as well.  No blog can be termed successful when standing alone since success in the true blogging sense is largely determined by the amount of impact created either on a specific niche or the blogging world in general.

Before attempting to establish links with others, a blogger is required to do internal housekeeping first.  This means keeping the contents in order which simply translates to quality articles and relevant information.  Bloggers should not in any way try to deal with others without having anything to offer.  Doing so may be interpreted as an unjustified attempt to ride on other blogs’ popularity.  Desiring to link with a popular site in the belief that your blog is able to offer a close, if not an exact equivalent in substance is very much different from trying to take advantage of the hard-earned popularity of others.

Marketing and promoting your blog is best done using select and related sites to establish commonality and reliability.  Linking to a site which has no connection whatsoever to your own blog smells of deceit and unethical tactics.  The last thing you want to happen to your blog is to be construed as something which has nothing substantial to offer and therefore should be avoided.

Interacting with other related blogs is essential through commenting, adding information, or simply linking. Commenting is not just disagreeing with a post but may also come in the form of manifesting agreement to a point of view being presented.  This creates goodwill among and between bloggers which may lead to further opportunities for marketing your own blog through guest blog posting.  Other channels and contacts can be utilized to create further interest in your blog such as blog directories, blog communities, social media platforms and credible people related to your particular niche.

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