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Interesting Times Ahead for EatonWeb

Hello – my name is Ahmed Bilal and from now on, I’m going to be your host at the EatonWeb Blog. You might have read some of my work at (which, if you have a blog, you should be reading every day). If you’re wondering what I’m doing here – basically I bugged Ryan enough with my views on how directories can be run and improved until he finally caved in and let me have a go here.

Some people say that directories are out-dated and useless. In reality that’s too simplistic – the model traditional directories are based on is perhaps flawed and hasn’t evolved with time as it should have. There’s quite a gap there – in making directories more valuable to site owners and readers alike – and I believe that EatonWeb, with it’s history and with the right people working on it can fill that gap.

So stay tuned for my first article that should show up on Monday morning. If you have any questions about EatonWeb, SEO or directories in general, please let me know in the comments section of the blog, and I’ll do my best to answer any and all questions.

Blog at EatonWeb

EatonWeb is looking for an SEO artist and/or directory specialist to write at our blog and keep it updated with a weekly column. The position will be paid.

Google’s Directory Penalty

Yes, it’s true. Google has dinged lots of blog directories. There are lots of bad directories. But the fact is that Google has now dinged EatonWeb. And EatonWeb is a good directory (unbiased, of course!).

We can understand Google’s desire to get rid of link farms and bad directories. But we honestly believe that EatonWeb offers something unique and worthwhile as far as directories go.

The EatonWeb blog directory is unique because it dynamically ranks blogs in each category according to perceived strength and momentum. In other words, we put the best sites first. This is not really done well, anywhere else. The Google directory organizes sites by pagerank, but we feel that EatonWeb actually does a better job of ordering sites than pagerank.

Sorry to vent, but we feel that the recent decision by Google to “ding” directories went overboard and has artificially hurt sites that didn’t deserve it.

Historical Stat Trending

Wouldn’t it be great to see a historical overview of important blog stats?

With EatonWeb, you can. Alexa, PageRank, Technorati and a whole lot more.

To see a preview of what you can get with an EatonWeb Advanced account, just following this link:

eatonweb advanced

Another Tip For Improving Your EatonWeb Score

Encourage your readers to submit to social bookmarking sites like FURL, delicious, and Google Bookmarks. This will increase your overall visibility on the social nets and hopefully get you some additional traffic too.

Notice a trend? Anything you do that helps your blog attract and keep readers, also helps out your EatonWeb score!

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