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How to Choose the Right Image Size for Your Blog

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Images do matter in a blog. They make the site more appealing to visitors compared to having just pure text. They make a huge difference in driving traffic to your blog and as such, should be used at all times.

A blog’s home page and blog posts could use images relevant to their content. Keep in mind that people are normally attracted to them first than the text when visiting a website. More →

New Brain-Challenging iPhone Game Apps

iphone game app

Sometimes, exercising the brain by playing video games is a good way to entertain one’s self. It has double benefits. You not only get to enjoy yourself but you’re also using your brain to achieve the objectives of the game.

With a growing number of people owning smartphones these days, it’s very easy to find video games that can be played by your lonesome. A great advantage is you can either play them online or download the free game app and play it any time on your favorite gadget.

For iPhone users, there are hundreds of video game apps available for download. Some are free while the others require a minimal fee. We share here several new and free game apps for 2015 that can really challenge the mind.
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Is Outsourcing Your Blog Writing a Good Idea?

A blog must be personally handled and written by its owner, right?  Not necessarily.  There are times when it would be better to outsource the contents of a blog  if the overall benefit is to be considered.

It would just sound perfect if blog owners do the writing themselves for their blog articles.  Reality however dictates that knowledge in a topic does not necessarily equate to writing ability.  The inability of a blog owner to translate his thoughts in writing  on a subject which he may know very well can be remedied by outsourcing the writing job to  people who do it better.

There is nothing shameful about this.  Blog owners who are after the real interest of their blogs will have no qualms whatsoever in hiring the services of professional writers either as contributors or as ghostwriters.  There will be a need to choose those writers that can adjust to the requirements of the job in terms of tone and quality that will be in keeping with the general concept and image of the blog.

Many blog owners may be wary of outsourcing, thinking that they are less true to themselves when they pay other people to do the writing.  Blog owners have basically two options in this situation.  They either do the writing themselves and hope that their audience get them or be proactive and hire the best writers they can afford to put their wonderful ideas in writing. Outsourcing is definitely not a bad idea especially if it will result to better quality blogs.

About the Author:

Teresa is a researcher-writer who covers a wide range of topics in search of useful information.

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Blogging About Thailand

Image: internations

What is there to blog about Thailand? Like any other country which holds the interest and attention of many readers, everything about it might just be an appropriate answer. A quick check on the blogs currently existing which actually tackles any aspect of Thai life will reveal just how extensive the interest in talking about Thailand.
Leading the pack are lifestyle and culture blogs that deal about how it is to live in Thailand. There are about as many blogs maintained by local and foreigners who have the opportunity of living in the country. Some blogs provide personal glimpses of a slice in life in Thailand while many provide information, both general and specific, which can give visitors an idea of what to expect when in Thailand. These blogs may contain information about practices, beliefs, festivities, and everyday life. A common format used is presenting Thailand through an expat’s point of view.
Another most popular blog form about Thailand tackles travel and food. It is usually difficult to separate the two since most travelers will discuss food while most food fare are associated with a specific area in Thailand. Still, there are blogs dedicated purely on travel destinations and Thai cuisine respectively.
Entertainment blogs are likewise many, mostly touching on topics like music, Thai celebrities, shopping, fashion, and the like. Event blogs can also be included in this category since most are prepared to entertain. Art is also a common topic in both entertainment and culture blogs.
News blogs about Thailand are also quite popular. These blogs do not only focus on news itself but also on Thai media as well. These blogs are important resources for knowing about opinions and personal views pertaining to Thailand.
With the great interest in Thailand, a corresponding interest in learning the Thai language has also been observed. It has been observed that several blogs are now including topics about this specific area of study since it is very important in the better understanding of Thailand. There is much to learn about Thailand and going through blogs provide an easy read to satisfy one’s curiosity about the country.
About the Guest Blogger
Elna is a professional language teacher who is currently focused on one immediate goal which is to learn Thai. She expects the added knowledge to be a worthwhile additional to her personal qualification.

EatonWeb Sifts The Best Blogs To the Top

The goal of EatonWeb was to create an algorithm that would automatically filter the best blogs in any category to the top of that category . We figured that we could add value to the web as a directory that listed the best blogs first. Isn’t that what directories are for in the first place? To be reliable guides to the best of the web?

While we still have a ways to go before we’ve populated our directory to the point of satisfaction, there are a few categories where we feel that you can get a clear glimpse at the success of our algorithm and it’s automatic ranking of sites.

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