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Google’s Directory Penalty

Yes, it’s true. Google has dinged lots of blog directories. There are lots of bad directories. But the fact is that Google has now dinged EatonWeb. And EatonWeb is a good directory (unbiased, of course!).

We can understand Google’s desire to get rid of link farms and bad directories. But we honestly believe that EatonWeb offers something unique and worthwhile as far as directories go.

The EatonWeb blog directory is unique because it dynamically ranks blogs in each category according to perceived strength and momentum. In other words, we put the best sites first. This is not really done well, anywhere else. The Google directory organizes sites by pagerank, but we feel that EatonWeb actually does a better job of ordering sites than pagerank.

Sorry to vent, but we feel that the recent decision by Google to “ding” directories went overboard and has artificially hurt sites that didn’t deserve it.

More Changes @ EatonWeb

We tried the membership model, but have ultimately decided upon a low-cost per-submission review fee of $14.99 per year. This enables us to keep the directory cheap enough for the average blogger while also giving us the resources to hire full time reviewers.

We hope this is the last fundamental change that we need to make.

Running a Little Behind On Submissions

Just a quick note: because of the flood of submissions we’ve received since announcing our launch, EatonWeb is running on an 8-9 day backlog of submissions. Please be patient and we’ll get to your blog as soon as possible! Our goal is to make this THE BEST blog directory on the planet, and to do that, we’re making sure that each blog submission meets a minimum standard of quality.


Non-English Blogs At EatonWeb

For the time being, we are not able to consider blogs for our directory unless they are written in English. Part of the process of keeping our directory high quality requires that we read and analyze your blog. Right now, we are not able to analyze non-English sites. However, we are working on a solution to this problem and hope we can provide a great blog directory experience for non-English speakers as well.

Eatonweb is for bloggers

Eatonweb is in the process of restoring itself as a premier resource for blog owners. While we can’t reveal all the good stuff that we have in store, we would like to tell you a little about our plans.

We want Eatonweb to be a resource that helps bloggers become more productive and more effective. Rather than just be a blog directory, we want to be a blog directory that gives bloggers useful tools that maximize the effectiveness of their hard work.

Hey, there’s lots coming, most of which we can’t talk about right now, but keep your eyes glued in this space for some awesome new WordPress Themes from some of the best WordPress theme designers around. That’s right. Free designs…but not your ugly-ass, monotone, run of the mill, “who would want to use that” themes. Our themes will pop and help make your site stand out from the crowd.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from the Eatweb development team. WordPress themes are just the beginning. Trust me.

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