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Why Social Media Buttons are a Must in Blogs

social media icons

There’s no doubt that blogs are very beneficial to businesses today. They are useful in promoting a company’s products, services and events and sharing valuable information that can make people’s lives easier.

But it’s more than just creating a blog for your company as there are various factors to consider to make the site successful. These include content, images, links, plugins and other tools. More →

How Many Links is Ideal in a Blog Post?

Links play a vital role in a blog. Their presence, particularly in a blog post, means the publisher or writer acknowledges their source and showing to readers that they are using authority sites as references.


Another purpose of these links is to direct readers to sites where they can get more information about the topic they are reading. Keep in mind that blog posts should not be too long to keep your visitors glued to your write-up and as such, these links are a great help. More →

Why Create an Audio Version of Your Blog Post

setup for podcast

Blogging can be done in a variety of ways today. Apart from simply typing your posts and including images, you can now create a video blog also known as a vlog or an audio version called the podcast.

Simply reading text online is a different experience than hearing a human voice speak. The impact provided by audio is greater than pure text. But there’s also a strategy on how to capture attention right from the start. More →

How to Choose the Right Image Size for Your Blog

sample blog

Images do matter in a blog. They make the site more appealing to visitors compared to having just pure text. They make a huge difference in driving traffic to your blog and as such, should be used at all times.

A blog’s home page and blog posts could use images relevant to their content. Keep in mind that people are normally attracted to them first than the text when visiting a website. More →

7 Qualities All Blog Posts Must Have


Whether you’re a blogger, a marketer, or even a small business owner, if you’re going to take the time to put up and maintain a blog, it’s important to make sure your articles are high quality. If you’re trying to generate more buzz about your business, you’re going to be hard pressed to achieve that goal with a bunch of lackluster posts – and floundering away on page three of a search engine’s results certainly won’t do you much good. Blog writing is an art with styles and rules all its own. Read on to learn how to improve the quality of your posts today. More →

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