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The Software Category

Daily Bits

Daily Bits is the ultimate source for all things Internet.

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Flash Enabled

As the blog title says, this one's all about Flash – Flash tutorials, components, free Flash templates, tips, links to Flash sites, source files, and more.

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Jo's Web

A personal art & design blog that discusses various topics in graphic design, photoshop, photography and other digitally inspired art.

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Totally Communications

Totally Communications is a team of web designers, software developers, and IT consultants with roughly 10 years of experience already.

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Written by Micahel Wales, a Senior Airman in the United States Air Force, this blog includes discussion of Air Force technology, military culture, programming and various other topics.

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S3 Tech Blog

The S3 Tech Blog is authored by an Indian .Net programmer who has an interest in a diverse array of tech-related fields, such as web animation, web design, graphics, gadgets, Linux, just to name a few.

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Learning Computer Programming

The blog title states it all – a place where you can learn and pick up some tips, how-tos, techniques, tricks, algorithms and advice on the C++ programming language.

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The Call Center Blog

The Call Center Blog is all about helping those who work in the call center and contact center sector.

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Blog Tutorials

Blog Tutorials is a blog that aims to help bloggers improve their blogs in several aspects including design, writing, search optimization and software.

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Samiq Bits

Samiq Bits is the online journal of Gilbert Corrales about his experiences as a digital professional.

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