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The Gay & Lesbian Category

Ajax in the City

This is the personal blog of Ajax Stamos, who writes about gay issues and news.

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Simple Answers To Complex Questions

The blog provides a gay slant to news, opinions and celebrity gossip ripped from the headlines.

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Queercents is a blog with a mission statement to "serve the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community", but its entries are almost always useful to a broader audience.

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Sarah Siegel Stories

Written by a Jewish-American lesbian who works for IBM.

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Dare I Read

Dare I Read is the booklog of Glenn Ingersoll, in which "he works his way through his reading life book by book".

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Love Settlement is the literary journal of Glenn Ingersoll, who mainly writes here about gay poetry.

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Blankanvas is the personal journal of Pat Law, an artist who also has a knack for words, and a knack for choosing the best photos to go along with them.

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The Queer Chef

A gay life and culture blog that discusses a wide variety of life topics including fashion, food, art, sex, wine, love, movies, television and lots more.

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The Freebear blog is written in Italian and bills itself as a "Work in Progress blog", a place to collect ideas to re-elaborate later on the main domain.

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