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Giving gifts to people who matter is an age old tradition that crosses geographical boundaries and cultures.

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Why Zrii, What is Amalaki Blog

The full title of this blog is "Why Zrii, What is Amalaki, Who is Bill Farley and How do I Join Zrii?" Douglas Schwartz is a self-made millionaire who endorses a product called Zrii at this blog.

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Organic To Be

Organic To Be is a group blog on organic food and farming.

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Online Cancer Blog

Prevention is better than medicine, so people of all genders would do well to be informed on one of humanity's greatest killers – cancer.

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Organic Journey Online

In 2007, Carrie Boyko had cancer. She then read in a book that toxic chemicals found in food and personal care products could have contributed to her illness.

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Water for Life

On the surface, Water for Life looks like a purely promotional blog, especially with its subtitle, "Exclusive US distributor for KYK Water Ionizers".

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Live Life: Organics and Your Health

Doris, a Singaporean mother, talks about healthy living and alternative and organic medicine in this highly informative blog.

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Healthy Foods

The Healthy Foods blog posits food as a source of energy and life, and encourages healthy living by sharing healthy eating recipes, overviews of fruits and vegetables, and other posts that use science to underscore the importance of good nutrition.

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Still looking for the right fat loss solution for you? Find out which methods are fads and scams and which ones can be considered the real thing with the help of FatLossPro.

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Catnip Corner

The Catnip Corner is about the “Wild Cats Three”: Jackie, Ginger and Fritz, whose lives were drastically improved after being switched to an all natural and raw food diet.

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