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The Humor Category


Founded in September 2005, Deadspin has become the standard-bearer when it comes to top sports blogs.

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Go Fug Yourself

Snarky commentary on bad (fugly) celebrity style. Go Fug Yourself is written by two women with major attitude problems (or maybe that's a good thing) tearing apart, with great humor, the poor choices and terrible tastes of the world's most famous stars.

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Dooce (R)

dooce (R) is the website of Heather B. Armstrong, started in February 2001.

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CrunchGear is a technology blog with a very sarcastic bend.

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The Frontal Cortex

This science blog from Seed Magazine editor Jonah Lehrer is chock full of delightful posts that aren't too long, aren't too confrontational, and aren't too technical while still managing to be interesting and often humorous.

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Psycho Ape

This is the personal MySpace blog of a certain twenty-something "Ape", and it's mostly a blog that features oddball comedy and reminds you of the blog that Andy Milonakis might write.

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Gillett's Jewellers Blog

People who love jewelry or need info on engagement and wedding rings will enjoy reading Gillett's Jewellers Blog, the online journal of an Australia-based business.

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How To Split An Atom

A web 2.0 focused blog that features how-to articles and lifehacks along with links to great online tool.

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Dr. Nostrum's Blogradigm

This blog is not for the weak-hearted and easily offended.

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The Annoyed Librarian

The “Annoyed Librarian” blog is the ongoing, humorous rant of an anonymous, very annoyed librarian.

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