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The Books & Literature Category

Scooper Speaks

Scooper Speaks is the personal online journal of Stacy Cooper, and even a quick glance at her blog will tell a reader that she loves books.

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Gato contra a parede

If you can understand Portuguese and you love fine words and fine visuals, this blog will be a good read for you.

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Il Re Del Brivido

Il Re Del Brivido is a blog written in Italian that revolves around the bestselling author Stephen King.

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Writing Cave

The weblog of content writer and website copywriter Amrit Hallan.

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DragonWeb is an online journal written in Hungarian (Magyar); if you can't understand this language, then you won't be able to enjoy the quality posts here.

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conversazioni sulla lotta di classe

This is a literary blog written in Italian, with some of the poems penned in Spanish.

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Sexualite is the blog of a Greek lady currently residing in Australia.

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Wake Me Now

Wake Me Now is the personal blog of a "young woman trying to find her way in this world".

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Gravity Dog

Gravity Dog is a sixteen-part serialized blog telling the story of a dog, a man, and enough high explosives to blow up all the zombies.

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Curl Like An Ampersand

Curl Like an Ampersand is a place of beautiful words and sentences – a poetic blog.

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