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The Garden Rant

The Garden Rant: Uprooting the Gardening World! There is a lot of information here. Categories include "Ask Dr. Bleedingheart", "Designs, Tricks and Schemes", "Real Gardens", "Taking Your Gardening Dollar", "I Don't Have a Garden, but I Watch One on TV", "It's the Plants" and more.

The Garden Rant is authored by four "highly opinionated" gardeners. Susan Harris (Maryland) who coaches gardening, writes a gardening newsletter and contributes to several websites. Elizabeth Licata (New York) started her first garden in 1999, is an editor and helps run Garden Walk Buffalo. Michele Owe (New York) is a freelance speech writer, co-author of two best selling books and maintains two gardens. Amy Stewart (California) is the author of three books, won the California Horticultural Society Writer's Award and authors a blog called "Dirt".

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