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Qapek Quotient

I have always thought that song writers, composers, and arrangers do not get all the attention and acclaim that they deserve. For the average person, the singer takes all the glory and credit. For the real music fan, though, the people behind the songs and music are also more than worth paying attention to.

If you think that way, you will be delighted to discover the blog of John Capek, which is called Qapek Quotient. John Capek is a prolific composer, songwriter, keyboard player, producer, arranger and scorer for feature films and television. He has worked with many high profile artists such as Rod Stewart, Cher, and Toto.

This talented man has taken to blogging to share a little of himself to the public. In his blog, you can read his take on what is happening around us and what he thinks is important - or not important.

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