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Forever Geek

Forever Geek covers every aspect of the geek life - from the latest gadgets and scientific breakthroughs to geeky movie news, cartoons, and geek nostalgia.

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Boing Boing

A weblog of cultural curiosities and interesting technologies.

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The Tech & Design Blog

A blog that focuses on technology news, open source, web 2.

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Sc-Fi Tech Blog

If you think that one of the last places you’d look for a leading technology blog would be on the Sci-Fi Channel’s official site, you’d probably be surprised to find the Sci-Fi Tech Blog.

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TechDirt is a different kind of tech blog. The site doesn’t focus on the latest gadgets, or rumors about Apple and Steve Jobs.

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Clusterflock is a group blog that covers all aspects of culture, from politics and current events to food and gadgets.

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Daily Bits

Daily Bits is the ultimate source for all things Internet.

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Business and technology cannot be separated these days.

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The J Spot

This is the personal tech blog of full-time professional blogger and freelance writer J.

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Didn't You Hear...

Didn't you hear…that this blog is a very interesting read and that there shouldn't be even a question as to why you're not reading it yet? Didn't You Hear is a mishmash of LOTS of things and topics – tech, art, photography, cars, books, music, science, shoes, sports, food, wine, toys, whew! (and that's just the icing).

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