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Soft Tech Reviews

Authored by Alisha from New York, Soft Tech Reviews focuses offers news and commentary on software, technology and gadgets.

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Are you anxious to find out what's the next hottest travel destinations to visit? Or do you have an opinion on what they should be? Trendy travel lovers should head to Nextleg for news, reviews, and a community you'd love to hang out in.

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Ask David

Are you looking at purchasing a new product but want to know more about it? Whether you are looking for an electronic gadget, a book, or a movie, the chances are that you will want to see what other people think about it first.

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This blog exists for the purpose of listing and reviewing fan sites of any kind, though mostly fan sites within the genres of gaming, television and online services.

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Red Tropic Music Blog

Music is a universal language. No matter what country culture you're from, the rhythm, melody and beat of a song would definitely bring life to an otherwise boring existence.

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Christianne Uncorked

Christianne has a penchant for wine, and she's pouring this passion of hers online.

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Best Jewelry Gift

Are you looking for the best pair of earrings or necklace to match a certain outfit? Or maybe you just want to know more about jewelry in general.

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Books on Tape

There is nothing like curling up with a good book, but some people may argue that listening to one is even better.

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The Cell Phone Reviews

The Cell Phone Reviews is a blog that does exactly what it's called.

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Best Brand to Buy

In the market for a new gadget or home appliance? You probably are doing some research right now.

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