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Katalusis (catalyst) is blog that talks abut the daily news, politics, religion, history, literature, and life in general.

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The Political Punch

Left meets Right, East meets West -- views will collide here on The Political Punch.

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Telic Thoughts

Self described as "an independent blog about intelligent design" this blog is written by several authors and manages to be remarkably civil for such a hot political topic.

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This is a blog about Malaysia and written by a Malaysian, and fortunately for the rest of the world, written in English.

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Our Republic

Do you think following politics, especially the U.

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Devaki's Ideas and Opinions

As the title states, this blog is home to the opinions and commentaries of Devaki, a writer and editor based in New Delhi, India.

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Left-handed Complement

"Left-Handed Complement" is already an interesting blog title, and when you couple that with a subtitle that goes "A slightly skewed view of a very weird universe", you know you've stepped into the online abode of a person not shackled by ordinariness.

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Skip's House of Chaos

A mishmash of humor, liberal politics, and a healthy dose of insanity.

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Tipping Point

Tipping Point is the blog of Frank Brady. He writes about the current events in the United States, of which he is very critical.

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News Politics And More

This blog is basically exactly what it's name says current events (especially those related to American politics), with a dash of tech and Hollywood stuff.

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