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Blogs tagged with music

Digital Burn

Digital Burn is a blog that covers the music industry, recording, music production, music tips, equipment, downloads, interviews, and a whole lot more cool music stuff.

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Russian Music Video Blog

As the blog title gives away, this blog is exclusively for music videos hailing from the wintry and beautiful country of Russia.

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Hchicha Blog

Hchicha Blog is an online publication that discusses the music scene and the current events in Paris, France and Algeria.

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Hearing Test

A music news and reviews blog that focuses on noncommercial artists.

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Swollen Pickles

Swollen Pickles covers an eclectic (that's a self-description!) array of topics, from making money online to movies, from cars to music, from comics to celebrity news, from TV to Xbox.

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Hipe Hope Urban Blog

Hipe Hope Urban Blog has a title that's creative and grabs one's attention, and so does its content.

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The Blog that Didn't Quite Make it to MySpace

This blog features a hodgepodge of topics including commentary on music videos, personal reflections and even some psychic and astrology stuff.

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This blog goes by the unassuming title of "Stuff", but it is much more than that.

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St4tixOrama World Of Rock

St4tixOrama World of Rock is the personal journal of a Malaysian blogger.

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This blog discusses a wide range of topics, from philosophy to music, from programming to World of Warcraft.

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