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Because life isn't all sunshine and roses, Claire has taken it upon herself to inspire people through this blog.

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Fierce and Nerdy

Fierce and Nerdy is a collection of cool articles on just about anything under the sun.

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Smoking Liberation News

Smoking Liberation News aims to provide help and information on how to get out of the smoking habit.

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Tupelo Kenyon

Written by Tupelo Kenyon, this blog talks about many aspects of personal growth, including awareness, manifestation, productivity, relationships, passion, and purpose.

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Tivate, quite simply, is the product of Justin Hernandez's encounters with failure.

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Kevin Incorvia

This is the personal blog of Kevin Incorvia, who has lived the life of an athlete, a businessman, track coach, and a reclusive monk.

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Motivation Shots from The Doc

Motivation Shots from the Doc is a blog by Alan Fairweather, international speaker, best-selling author and sales growth expert.

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Positively Inspired Online

Inspiration can be found everywhere, if we only really look.

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Colette Obrien

Colette Obrien is an author and photographer, who shares her passions with her readers via her blog as well.

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Walter E. Jacobson, M.D.

All of us seek happiness in our own way. Some are more successful than others, but the bottom line is that we all seek the same end goal.

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