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Blogs tagged with humor

Skip's House of Chaos

A mishmash of humor, liberal politics, and a healthy dose of insanity.

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Gravity Dog

Gravity Dog is a sixteen-part serialized blog telling the story of a dog, a man, and enough high explosives to blow up all the zombies.

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Apathy Wins Again

A blog of lists. The author of the blog starts a list, and the readers contribute to the list.

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Randomly Snarky

Suzie Austin serves up snark regularly (not that random at all), whether it's about the entertainment industry, fashion, business and even social media.

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Snarke has an intriguing name and the subtitle to match: "Blogging my minutiae to the tune of a well tivoed television.

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Motherwise Cracks

Motherwise Cracks is a humor blog that brings out the lighter side of parenting.

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Slightly Mordant

Slightly Mordant is the personal journal of Michael, a man gifted with acerbic wit.

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WebDevLogs is written by Chao Xu, and is a haven for web developers.

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Notebook Meanderings

With its name and the header (which sports the much-loved Moleskine), one would think that Notebook Meanderings is a blog about notebooks.

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The 15 Minute Dating Blog

This dating blog is written by multiple authors and features dating tips and funny dating stories.

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