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Sueblimely Discovering Blogging

This a blog for bloggers – a source for help, tools, new resources, tutorials, and tips – and it doesn't stop there, unlike most blog-centric blogs.

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Community of bloggers and developers with the common aim of "helping bloggers succeed.

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Social Patterns

Written by an SEO strategist for Shopzilla, Social Patterns is the personal blog of well known SEO guru Michael Nguyen.

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A blog about blogging! PureBlogging offers regularly updated blogging news, tips, and tutorials and is geared towards anyone who wants to take their blogging to the next level.

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eXtra for Every Publisher

Every blogger starts somewhere, and eXtra for Every Publisher tracks David Peralty, a Canadian, network paid problogger since 2005 as he continues to learn new things while blogging full time.

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Deep Jive Interests

Deep Jive Interests is one of those must-read blogs, especially if you're interested in what's going on in the Web 2.

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eXtra For Every Publisher

The world wide web is full of gurus who will teach you all about Internet marketing, blogging, social media, and just about any topic imaginable.

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Markus Merz @

One look at the blog's URL, and you might say, "Hey, it's Performancing! One of the top problogging resources on Earth!" While that's true, don't forget the name "Markus Merz" this guy's posts are amazing, helpful for both newbie and veteran, well-written, and do much to help Performancing reinforce its value for the blogosphere.

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Blogger Jobs

Blogging for income is currently among the more popular means to earn money from the Internet, and this will be so in the years to come.

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Blog Tutorials

Blog Tutorials is a blog that aims to help bloggers improve their blogs in several aspects including design, writing, search optimization and software.

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