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The Christian Category

Floating Axhead

Floating Axhead is authored by "a couple of guys missional about discipleship, changing lives and changing church.

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Complete In Christ

Thoughts written in a poetic style and centered around the blogger's daily walk with Jesus… usually over coffee and a pastry.

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Elijah The Prophet

Elijah the Prophet is a religious and spiritual blog that evokes the memory of the Biblical figure Elijah.

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The Dream Of A Voyage

The Dream of a Voyage ("to peace" is the subtitle) is the blog of an Iraqi Chaldean Christian living in the United Kingdom.

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Christian Dating Service Plus

Dating is an activity that has been around for as long as anyone can remember, and while it is usually perceived as a western concept, it has spread to the far reaches of the world today.

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Endtime Prophecy Net Blog

The Endtime Prophecy Net Blog is your go-to site for all things related to the Endtime.

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A blog that seeks to educate, encourage, inspire and challenge Christian musicians and artists.

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Pastor Bobby Blog

Pastor Bobby is doing more than just serving God. A published author, teacher, and of course, pastor, he is also the success coach and director of the Christian Success Institute, which aims to help guide a budding class of entrepreneurs.

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Inspiration For Life

Inspiration for Life has been around for a few years already, and its archives are a treasure trove for inspirational quotes, daily inspiration, Christian inspiration, and a lot more.

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Sunday School Teaching Resources

Children are very impressionable and the old saying that we should train them while they're young can prove to be good.

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