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The blog where celebrities hate to see their names show up.

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Go Fug Yourself

Snarky commentary on bad (fugly) celebrity style. Go Fug Yourself is written by two women with major attitude problems (or maybe that's a good thing) tearing apart, with great humor, the poor choices and terrible tastes of the world's most famous stars.

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A celebrity tabloid for celebrity junkies. PopCrunch features the juiciest celebrity news on the planet, spiced with a whole lot of trashy gossip.

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TMZ is the number one professional celebrity blog on the net.

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Just Jared

Perhaps the most popular celebrity gossip site that you might still call "tame" and "family friendly.

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Oh No They Didn't!

Hugely popular LiveJournal group blog that focuses on "Oh My God" celebrity and pop culture moments.

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The Watchman's Post

The need to have something to believe in is inherent to us humans, hence the proliferation of different kinds of faith systems and beliefs.

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Dennis Does Hollywood

Dennis Does Hollywood is the blog of Dennis Fowler, stand up comedian and political humorist for ABC World News Now.

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Gossip Celebrity News

What is the first thing you do when you turn your computer on for the day? Do you spend some time scouring the web for news and photos of your favorite celebrities? There's totally nothing wrong with that - after all, many of us have a relatively mundane existence, and following the glamorous lives of our favorite personalities is a great way to add a little spice to our lives.

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The Glamorous Life

The glitzy life of Hollywood celebrities is what often attracts movie and TV fans to entertainment news on TV, newspapers, magazines and on the internet.

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