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How to Choose the Right Image Size for Your Blog

sample blog

Images do matter in a blog. They make the site more appealing to visitors compared to having just pure text. They make a huge difference in driving traffic to your blog and as such, should be used at all times.

A blog’s home page and blog posts could use images relevant to their content. Keep in mind that people are normally attracted to them first than the text when visiting a website. More →

Retired San Diego Cop Claims Border Patrol Assaulted Him

A retired police officer found himself on the other side of the law after he claims he was falsely accused of a crime. Donald Lumb spent 15 years at the Chula Vista Police Department as an officer before eventually retiring due to medical issues. Not only was his a long-term employee, but a model officer. Lumb devoted four of his years to the K-9 unit. He was also an expert on auto theft and was awarded with a gold pin for his accomplishments. Lumb was also a military veteran and devoted six months to work with military police in Iraq and with two years in California’s National Guard. During his time with the National Guard, he was a vital component of Operation Jumpstart and Operation Gatekeeper. These operations were key in the controlling California’s borders from illegal immigrants. In fact, Lumb’s record shows that he apprehended at least 1,500 undocumented immigrants during his time working the operations. More →

New Brain-Challenging iPhone Game Apps

iphone game app

Sometimes, exercising the brain by playing video games is a good way to entertain one’s self. It has double benefits. You not only get to enjoy yourself but you’re also using your brain to achieve the objectives of the game.

With a growing number of people owning smartphones these days, it’s very easy to find video games that can be played by your lonesome. A great advantage is you can either play them online or download the free game app and play it any time on your favorite gadget.

For iPhone users, there are hundreds of video game apps available for download. Some are free while the others require a minimal fee. We share here several new and free game apps for 2015 that can really challenge the mind.
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7 Qualities All Blog Posts Must Have


Whether you’re a blogger, a marketer, or even a small business owner, if you’re going to take the time to put up and maintain a blog, it’s important to make sure your articles are high quality. If you’re trying to generate more buzz about your business, you’re going to be hard pressed to achieve that goal with a bunch of lackluster posts – and floundering away on page three of a search engine’s results certainly won’t do you much good. Blog writing is an art with styles and rules all its own. Read on to learn how to improve the quality of your posts today. More →

Parallels Between Link Building and Getting Financing

money question mark coinsLink building for SEO purposes and finding financing to back your business might not seem similar at all. However, if you have engaged in both, you would easily see the similarities between the two as they both aim to find ways to get more of something for the website or the business in order to get something even more important done. If that’s a bit confusing, then let’s just state in in a simpler manner, link building collects inbound links to get higher search rankings and ultimately get more traffic to a site while finding financing collects backers to get more money for capital for the business. More important though is that the traffic and capital are also just means to an end. With traffic, the end goal is to get visitors to take whatever action the website needs (e.g. subscribe, buy something, share content, etc.), and with capital, the end goal is to make the business grow.

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