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The Software Category

Discovering Identity

A blog about digital identity management. Discovering Identity is an attempt to document developments and progress in the field of digital identity.

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Digital Inspiration

One of Technorati's 100 most-favorited blogs, Digital Inspiration mixes news, tips and fun real-world examples to show normal people how to use software and the Internet to improve productivity.

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The Rapid E-Learning Blog

Tom Kuhlmann from leading e-learning software company articulate Articulate takes on the emerging trend in e-learning development called 'Rapid E-Learning' in his blog of the same name.

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Lisa Sabin-Wilson

This is the personal blog of Lisa Sabin-Wilson. She's been blogging for over 5 years.

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Weblog Tools Collection

A popular collection of Wordpress themes, plugins and hacks.

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Hey It's Free

If it's free, it's probably featured or linked on Hey It's Free.

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Agile Blog

The Agile Blog is a place where all users can expect to enhance their Agile practices.

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PlanetOzh is the weblog of Ozh, a "35.392 years old dude living in France with an interest for, errr, like, computer things.

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Mac OS X Tips

A blog with tips and tricks for the Mac operating system.

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Encosia is a well-written blog by Dave Ward that covers ASP.

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