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The Religion Category

Sub-categories: Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Spirituality

Floating Axhead

Floating Axhead is authored by "a couple of guys missional about discipleship, changing lives and changing church.

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Believe All Things

The phrase "believe all things" comes from one of St.

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Elijah The Prophet

Elijah the Prophet is a religious and spiritual blog that evokes the memory of the Biblical figure Elijah.

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The View From My Place

Darell Boone's blog contains commentary on the author's various interests, including agriculture, not-for-profits and church.

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Philosophy Blog

The Philosophy Blog explores the inner workings of reason (or lack thereof).

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Anabaptism is a denomination which differs from conventional Christian denominations in some ways.

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The Godless Monster

The Godless Monster is the blog of an American atheist who has had a very interesting upbringing.

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Capital Self Spiritual Blog

Capital Self Spiritual blog helps readers journey from "self" to "Self" and attain a better realization of one's existence.

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Symbolic Order

A fascinating look at atheism and reasons why arguments for the existence of God ultimately fail.

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Sunday School Teaching Resources

Children are very impressionable and the old saying that we should train them while they're young can prove to be good.

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