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The Government Category


Politico is a widely read and hugely influential political website that covers election politics, congress, lobbying and other political topics.

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Government Auctions Blog is a membership-based website that helps people become more informed and successful at buying seized, surplus, and abandoned property at government auctions and foreclosures.

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The Silent Majority

The Silent Majority is a blog that publishes daily updates containing news, opinion and inspirational messages about the state of politics and society in America.

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Our Republic

Do you think following politics, especially the U.

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Believe All Things

The phrase "believe all things" comes from one of St.

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Tipping Point

Tipping Point is the blog of Frank Brady. He writes about the current events in the United States, of which he is very critical.

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The Right Viewpoint

The Right Viewpoint is a blog dedicated to educating Americans about the principles of governance and liberty established by the Founding Fathers in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

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WSI Brussels Blog

The blog's primary focus is to critique and expand the efforts of the World Security Institute regarding security and defense issues that face Europe and the world, with the perspective that Europe’s security and well-being is linked in ever increasing measure to that of the world.

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Islandlaw Constitutional Rights Pages

The Constitution affects each individual in any country, but sadly, not everyone takes it upon himself to know more about this important set of laws.

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Federal Defense Cases Blog

An informational blog that provides guidance to those in need of legal help related to a federal crime.

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