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The Sex Category

Ask Dan and Jennifer - Dating, Relationships, & Se

This blog is written by Dan and Jennifer, who share advice on dating, relationships, and sex.

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Hooking Up Smart

Hooking Up Smart is here to help young women gain insight and guidance on relationships and sexual encounters with men.

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Married Exploits

Married Exploits is the blog of a 20-something married couple where they describe their experiences, perspectives, and sexual exploits.

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Sesso Estremo

Sesso Estremo (Italian for Extreme Sex) is a blog that wants to "talk about sex in freedom.

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Feeling USA Lingerie Blog

This is the lingerie blog of the Feeling USA Lingerie company.

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Sexualite is the blog of a Greek lady currently residing in Australia.

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How Do You Date?

The dating game: some people are seasoned players, while others don't know where to begin.

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Twisted Miss Sex Toys Blog

The Twisted Miss Blog is a blog about sex toys, and is only meant for those adults with an interest in the subject.

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Alternative Albany

Authored by a certain MasterABD, Alternative Albany is a blog about BDSM, mastery and slavery, dominance and submission, sex, and "anything else that may enter the mind of this sadist.

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Teleteria Reviews

Adult web sites have enjoyed a huge following for a long time now, in spite of their being quite controversial in some circles.

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