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The Women Category

With Leather

With Leather is a very popular blog about all the idiot athletes (and their attractive supermodel girlfriends) in the world of sports today.

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Engagement Ring Blog

It's cliche, but they say that diamonds are a girl's best friend and that they last forever.

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Teenormous Blog

The Teenormous Blog is the official blog of the Read more or visit blog

Women In Charge

Women in Charge is "a birth blog project of Wisewoman Childbirth Traditions" that is meant to "empower and encourage women to take charge of their bodies, their babies and their births.

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frankufotos Lingerie

Are you the type of person who enjoys seeing people in lingerie, for whatever reason? If so, then you'll enjoy Frankufotos Lingerie, a blog that, well, revolves on high-quality images and videos of skimpily-clad people (mostly women).

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Nonviolent Choice Directory & Blog

The Nonviolent Choice Blog is a pro-life blog that "fosters active respect in deed for all lives, born and unborn, with a particular and proudly, unequivocally feminist focus on women's human right to make voluntary, fully informed, nonviolent/nonabortion sexual and reproductive choices.

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Golden Mine

Golden Mine makes it easy for you to shop for elegant jewelry of all types, from chains and charms to diamonds and silver, from the simplest styles to the eyecatching and extraordinary.

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Rockbrook Girls Summer Camp Blog

This is the online journal of the Rockbrook Camp for Girls, a summer camp located in the mountains of North Carolina.

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Feel Luxury

Pictures and commentary on the latest in designer shoe fashion.

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Vaka Design

Vaka Design is the personal blog of Katie, an artist with a fondness for Earl Grey tea and loud music.

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