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The Babies Category

Smarter Babies & Kids

Part of the Smarter Blogs network, Smarter Babies & Kids is a must-read for parents and I-want-to-be-a-child-again people alike.

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Baby First Year

Are you a mom-to-be? Expecting a baby? Or have you just given birth? If yes, Baby First Year might just make it into your blog bookmarks.

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Mother & Baby Blog

As you might guess, the Mother and Baby Blog features tips for raising babies.

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Dashin Fashion Blog

The Dashin Fashion Blog is a good resource for people looking for children's designer clothes, baby clothes, and boutique clothing.

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Women In Charge

Women in Charge is "a birth blog project of Wisewoman Childbirth Traditions" that is meant to "empower and encourage women to take charge of their bodies, their babies and their births.

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Nancy's Baby Names

Nancy's Baby Names is one of the first baby name blogs on the Internet, according to its author, who's the editor of another popular baby names site.

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Nonviolent Choice Directory & Blog

The Nonviolent Choice Blog is a pro-life blog that "fosters active respect in deed for all lives, born and unborn, with a particular and proudly, unequivocally feminist focus on women's human right to make voluntary, fully informed, nonviolent/nonabortion sexual and reproductive choices.

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Where to Find the Perfect Gift

Boudoir Babe offers the most exquisite gift ideas every imaginable occasion, or even when there's none! From toys to jewelry to accessories to home and garden items, every product in this shop's catalog is sure to delight you.

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Life in Progress

Life in Progress is an online "book" of the life of a starting family.

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Honeybloom At Home

They say that there is no guidebook for making a home or for raising a family.

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