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The History Category

History Is Elementary

A history blog for anyone who enjoys reading about history and history education.

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Stix Blog

The Stix Blog is an America-centric political blog that also deals with foreign news and issues from time to time.

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Family Matters

A genealogy blog that discusses the way new technology can help the average person become a family researcher.

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Moultrie Creek

Moultrie Creek is the name of a tidal creek in the countryside south of St.

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Harbour Creek Productions Blog

Investigative and natural history documentaries are the specialties of Harbour Creek Productions.

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Maya Talk Blog

In the Maya Talk Blog, Felipe shares his fascination with the Maya and the Mayan calendar as he travels throughout Central America.

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The Edge of Evolution

This blog focuses on the book of the same name, written by Michael Behe, the famous author of Darwin's Black box.

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Ancient Origins

History is sometimes thought of as boring, but it is exactly the opposite.

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The Remnant site aims to debunk claims by Chinese soldiers that the Japanese military were behind the Nanking massacre in China in 1937.

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Korean Comfort Women

About the lawsuit filed against the South Korean government by a group of comfort women servicing the US military during the Korean War.

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