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The Celebrity Category

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A celebrity tabloid for celebrity junkies. PopCrunch features the juiciest celebrity news on the planet, spiced with a whole lot of trashy gossip.

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TV Crunch

TV gossip for tv junkies, featuring juicy news and recaps from tv land.

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Who doesn’t love celebrities? They love to dress up, live extravagantly and do crazy things (a lot of the time at least).

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Hip Hop Crunch

Hip Hop Crunch dishes hip hop dirt. They stir the pot, get dirty and make hip hop gossip fun.

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x17 prides itself on being everyone else's source for celebrity news, photos and videos.

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Sports Crunch

A sports blog that covers the drama of sports. Rather than covering sports news, this blog focuses on the aspects of sports that make things interesting.

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Style Crunch

Style Crunch is a premier fashion and style news blog from the PopCrunch network.

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An offbeat blog focusing on football players and their WAGs (wives and girlfriends) more than the game itself.

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Bumpshack is one of the most well established and well respected celebrity and Hollywood gossip blog around.

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US Magazine Celebrity News

The official blog of US Magazine featuring exclusive celebrity news stories.

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