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Living the Scientific Life

A science blog, part of the prestigious Science Blogs network, written by a molecular evolutionary biologist known as GrrlScientist. The blog is one of the most popular science blogs on the planet and deservedly so. The author knows quite a lot about parrots and birds and the blog leans in this direction.

The anonymous "Grrl Scientist" is an out of work zoologist with a passion for ornithology and and a broad range of academic interests. Her blog is an interesting mixture of great bird photos, lots of real information about birds, and some incoming science news with good explanations and opinions.

The blog is peppered with Grrl's political opinions here and there, but such diversions are not a significant detraction or even very numerous overall. Grrl answers questions, promotes science round-ups and blog 'carnivals, and writes quite well without being overly verbose. An enjoyable and informative resource anyone who loves birds and pretty pictures of birds will want to bookmark.

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