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Instigator Blog

On the Instigator Blog, Ben Yoskovitz poses thought-provoking questions to help entrepreneurs understand where their business is now and where it is headed. Ben is also the CEO and founder of a business startup called Standout Jobs, a website to help employers recruit the best talent, so some of the posts on this blog have to do specifically with that venture. Other topics include:

- General business advice
- Social media
- Entrepreneurship
- Blogging

The Instigator Blog is lightly infused with the blogger’s unique perspective and sense of humor. The Instigator Blog is not updated daily, but it is updated often. When Ben does post, he has something interesting, worthwhile, and occasionally brilliant to say.

Some of the best posts on this blog are on the topic of how social media impacts business. Also, look for Ben’s perspective on personal development.

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